Einzelgänger – Musica Gymnastica

Einzelgänger – Musica Gymnastica

If you have been missing the long lost quirkiness and humour in jazz music, then this album is for you. Einzelgänger, a Dutch trio formed by trombonist Louk Boudesteijn, saxophonist Nils Van Haften and guitarist Anton Goudsmit, are breaking through the stereotype of the serious, intellectual jazz musician with their recent album “Musica Gymnastica”.

Over the course of 12 tracks, this unusual threesome returns to a playful, almost childlike approach to jazz music, without losing emotional depth in the process. Most tunes are light and humorous by nature, occasionally making way for the more introspective sounds of Flyte, Jesse James and Einzelhymne.

The music of Einzelgänger is – like many contemporary jazz recordings – difficult to categorize. While their traditional background inevitably shines through, one can also hear what seems to be the remnants of a youth spent listening to the rock stars of the 70s.
By doing away with the classic soloist-versus-accompaniment approach, the trio achieves a remarkably organic sound, creating more space for interaction and collective improvisations.

The result is charmingly imperfect; a surprisingly refreshing ode to the unpredictability of life.


Louk Boudesteijn : Trombone
Nils Van Haften : Reeds
Anton Goudsmit : Guitar