Undiscovered Television – Gypsy In A High Rise

Undiscovered Television – Gypsy in A High Rise

London-based guitarist Andy Lale strings together various musical backgrounds in the album Gypsy In A High Rise with his recently formed Undiscovered Television (UTV).

With the unusual line-up of an eight-string guitar, soprano saxophone, cello and drums, UTV sets out to achieve a “post-jazz” sound over the course of eight original compositions. Throughout the album, cello and guitar cleverly switch roles of the bass and harmonic comping and do indeed create interesting colours – colours that this ensemble could have made a little more creative use of.
While Gypsy In A High Rise displays a pleasant array of musical influences ranging from the blues to popular fusion music of the eighties and klezmer music, it doesn’t quite succeed in fusing them together to form a coherent whole.

Equally, the full dynamic range of UTV’s unique instrumentation is occasionally left wanting. Though the album starts promising with Hopeful Morning, it never fully reached the climax I had initially hoped for. Undiscovered Television has room for improvement, but is definitely an ensemble with a good potential that deserves a spot on your radar.

Andy Lale : Guitar
James Arben : Soprano sax
Martin Teshome : Cello
Phil Clarke : Drums