The Ninth Circle (in development)

The Ninth Circle is a horror survival game set in the desolate planes of ice and snow surrounding an arctic base. A governmental research station falls victim to a cruel and unfathomable terror that might be lurking inside all of us, and its scientists are forced to burn through their dwindling supplies as they try to escape.

Return of the Base Invaders (in development)

Ready for a trip down memory road? Return of the Base Invaders is a classic 80’s arcade shooter with a modern twist. A homage to the legendary Space Invaders, this game brings you back to the Golden Age of arcade games – a world of neon lights, nostalgia, cyberspace and synths.

Cosmic Dawn (in development)

Cosmic Dawn is a retro shooter in which malignant lovecraftian creatures have leaked through into our world, and threaten to destroy everything we have ever known. Inspired by nostalgic first person shooters such as Quake and Doom, this game follows our heroine as she fights off the creatures to save the world.