H+- is a voice and electronics duo that was formed in the summer of 2019. Brought together by their shared interest in the contrasts and affinities between the natural and the synthetic, Marithé Van der Aa and Peter Maximowitsch create a soundworld in which both forces collide, merge and dissolve into each other, only to re-emerge as two alienated parts of a disjointed whole. The voice is crucial to this process, and – here drifting between the intimately human and the artificial – it represents at once a contagion of the familiar and a collapse of the estranged.

Both Van der Aa and Maximowitsch write narratives that highlight and question this dialectic. Their current work explores the ways in which subjective experiences create (or replace?) filters that mediate our reality. More specifically, their focus lies on revealing love as a particularly traumatising force, the intensity of which often irrevocably alters our perception of body, self, others and environment. Through a fictive fragmentation of memories and identity, and a blend of various live spectral audio processing and cross-synthesis techniques, Van der Aa and Maximowitsch’s music seeks out the limits of personal expression when detached from its humanity. Many questions arise. Few are answered.