The Marithé Van der Aa Quartet

The Marithé Van der Aa Quartet is a young and dynamic jazz ensemble, founded by Marithé Van der Aa. Their music is rooted in jazz improvisation, yet it is not their priority to copy the American jazz tradition. On the contrary, the quartet’s music is greatly inspired by the European sounds that have played a major role in the lives of all four band members. Classical harmonies, traditional folk songs, soundscapes and an occasional whiff of film scores merge effortlessly with jazz improvisation and interpretation.



Elusive Aura

Compelled by their ambition to rediscover the archaic worlds and their contribution to civilisation, likewise by utilising an unusual combination of instruments, Elusive Aura is becoming a medium of climactic exploration. The lyricism of female voice, the expressiveness of cello and the nuanced tone of concert guitar are employed to give life to the drama, mystery and passion of the ancient myths, sculpting a sound that dances between contemporary, classical and folk.



Marithé | Jonathan Duo

The wooden warmth of the deep double bass and a crystal clear voice floating on top create an intimate, cozy atmosphere. Marithé & Jonathan’s songs are unprocessed and unmoved, the honest expression of two passionate musicians who breathe, interact, and create within the moment. Their music does not press, is not loud, aggressive or controversial, like a lot of other things in this city. It is a concert of delicate, soft tones; a tribute to the beauty of things.